350.20 Cubic Feet of Warmth

350.20 Cubic Feet of Warmth |2010| space blankets (thermal foil blankets), wood, 350.20 ft³

Thermal blankets wrapped  around  a construction of wooden cubes, in a cold post-industrial space (Area 404 Gallery). Usually used to provide warmth and reflect light as an essential part of any emergency kit, they now  play a key role in 350.20 Cubic Feet of Warmth installation: the glittering reflections of light attracts our attention from a distance, and make us want to see it up close so that we can ‘explore’ this new value of the material – its transparency. The most important  idea is of an unreachable interior. By the power of our imagination we can evoke treasure through the fake gold of the fragile structure. Desire and the inability to reach the interior and  experience it.

walaszekFA_032final  walaszekFA_04final