Borders / Boundaries

Art Festival in Opava, Czech Republic + Bludny Kamen  / Sep 20 – Oct 30, 2016

billboard: „Sorry…”
The project named Borders / Boundaries represents the realization of more extensive collective exhibition with rich additional programm taking place at various venues in the center of Opava from September 20th till October 30th. The project is realized with the active cooperation of the gallery from Žilina named Plus minus nula, gallery of Szara from Cieszyn and the curators from Wroclaw.
The aim of the project is to represent the contemporary visual and inter-medial art whose authors react to the complex problem of all possible borders.
The exhibition reflects the multiple meanings of the term border. Border can have the meaning of physical and territorial limitation or it can have a mental meaning of the personal perception of relation among the people, between a man and a woman, between generations or historical eras. Other forms of border can be that of territorial division between urban and agricultural countryside, border between different artistic media, border as a line connecting science and art or border in the sense of the social sustainability or the division line between disease and health, life and death, border as a limit which can be reached etc. Border can connect, limit or divide. Border can be a choice, a limit, a beginning or the last possibility.
One of the topics of the exhibition will be the reflection of the theme of “border” in the border area of Polish Silesia and Slovakia. We are talking about the area ranging from German Zhorelec and crossing the areas of Wroclaw, Opole, Katowice, Opava, Jesenik ,Ostrava and reaching down to Zilina. This area has undergone a dynamic era of development influencing a couple of generations especially after the split of Czechoslovakia and the opening of the Schengen space.
The project focuses on the presentation of visual art of the rising generation of authors born in the decade 1985-1995. A couple of personalities of the middle and older generation will be asked to participate as well. The particular artists will be chosen for the exhibition by the curators of the exhibition from Opava, Opole, Cieszyn and Zilina. Certain part of the participating artists will be chosen on the basis of open call. We suppose that the participating artists will come from Central Europe with possible exceptions coming out of the region.
The additional programme to the exhibition project will consist of lectures, debates, performances and a cycle of concerts focusing on experimental music as well as the independent music scene formed round CRK Wroclaw, from Ostrava and Opava region as well as the circle of Stanice Zilina.
There will be published a catalogue to support the exhibition.

Matej Frank a Martin Klimes