America Love it or Leave it_book written and designed by author

America Love it or Leave it

America Love It or Leave I |2011|

This project consists of a book and a travel bag made for it. A book is written by a stranger who tells the story about discovering new lands and breaking socio-cultural myths. Book contains several chapters with headlined subtitles:

Baltimore MD / If You Are Ugly Learn How To Dance and Make Love /

Panama City Beach FL / Show Your ID Card If You Appear Under the Age of 40 /

New Orleans LA / One Day We Will All Be Europeans /

Phoenix AZ / Fear Eats the Soul /

Los Angeles CA / Beautiful, Sad, Poetic, Peace /

San Francisco CA / Stop Searching, Start Saving /

New York City NY / If You See something, say something /

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sarahfot. Peter Kreibich


fot. Peter Kreibich


fot. Peter Kreibich