Distributing Words

Distributing Words |2008|

„Are you lost for words?“ is a project based on words. These fire-clay phrases are left raw and natural in color. These words are three-dimensional structures ready to be put into context.

Words are the root of a language, no other form of communication is as successful. Words have power over people. They can be taken both literally and figuratively, with the ability to make or break a person. Words can be harmful, scary, heartfelt as well as gentle. We think with words. Words can be kept, broken, counted on, thrown into the open, and caught. The freedom of speech brings about the freedom of choice. How do we find the right word, how do we determine its value and how do we elect which word will be our last. Nothing can be simpler if one were to take a glace at my proposition. I encourage building communicative relationships through entering into a realm where words become physical, where they can be possessed, felt and held. The words become forms, yet each one holds its own meaning. Each isolated word possesses autonomy. The words hold many layers. They function on many levels, both semantically as well as materialistically. These elementary parts of speech are put on a silver platter (literally and figuratively) solving ones problem of being “Lost for words“.

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fot. Katarzyna Herniczek