Domestication |2009| video 5 min (loop), projection

This project was a part of a workshop entitled Hidden Places – an exhibition program for young artists from cities lying alongside the Via Regia who were interested in architecture, urban culture and historical relations. The name Hidden Places represents a different kind of Europe, which does not appear on the cover of magazines, in travel brochures or in advertising brochures, but places which represent less well-known cultural stratification of European culture.
Domestication is a video made in Görlitz. The city of broken dreams, where up to 50 percent of flats stand vacant. Some of them are ready to be “explored”, waiting for action. One of the buildings attracted my attention. I have exaggerated the suggestive fragment of reality (a “dolls’ house” for real people), reviving the building with short stories taking place in every one of the six flats, which are illuminated by a bright light in the middle of the night. The monotony of daily-life becomes an exceptional spectacle. People become intrigued; the flats begin to stimulate their curiosity.

video excerpts