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Life in 15 minutes

27 years in 15 minutes
performance, duration: 15 minutes
Machine Project, Los Angeles

You are in the Roaming Theater and you can see the artist – performer – first person narrator. The audience see the stage in front of them. At the beginning the curtain is closed. Everything starts with music – polish polonaise composed by Wojciech Kielar.  This dance used to open court balls and other royal functions in 16th century. Curtain is being open and the audience can see a girl who is cutting wooden boards and later on stamping it (at the end it turns to be her business cart). During the show, audience can see the protagonist and hear the prerecorded audio, voice over.  The sound is the voice of author, who is recounting 27 years of her life in short sentences, mainly metaphors, combined with musical excerpts that has made a huge impact on the performer. She recalls moments from her childhood and adulthood. It is a quick nostalgic and humorist passage through one’s whole life that is being captured in less than half an hour at that particular moment. It becomes a specific catalog with 27 pages tag in time.

Tomorrow is today—but a day away (Sławomir Mrożek)

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