Pic Nic

Pic Nic

collaboration with Oliwia Beszczyńska |2011|
20 blanket stripes (2×20 m), twine

Installation performed in the SURVIVAL 9. Art Review in S. Tołpa Park, Wrocław (20 – 26 of June 2011). The slogan of the 9th edition of SURVIVAL was the subtitle: ‘When a park becomes an arena’, which refers to  the concentration of public activity in allotted, recreational spaces, the typical aesthetics of such places, as well as the free use of open city spaces. The modern park fulfills the function of the city’s living room – its open space encourages the common human tendency to strut around and expose oneself to  public view.
In our action we wanted to restore the original functions of the park as a city garden. The PIC NIC project revitalized the idea of a social meeting in nature. By using red striped blankets, we were creating a place which we hoped would be an intimate but open arena for actors-participants. The PIC NIC project was a social encounter, organized or accidental, it was the background for a possible event,  a perfect excuse to make new acquaintances, fitting, replacing and matching. PIC NIC was a pause in motion, as well as its reactivation.

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