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Sculpture with a Hole

Sculpture with a Hole |2008|

white fabric, 305×340 cm

In the 12th century, sculptures of nude women were placed in palaces and churches in France, Portugal, England, Wales and Ireland. To this day, a ritual  takes place in Serra de Lapa, Portugal, every Sunday throughout July and August. Believers walk In procession towards an altar made of two granite rocks that form a passage leading towards a cave. They must climb through this narrow passage in order to enter the cave. This act is symbolic of purification, moving from chaos into order, from death into life.  This was for me an inspiration for an installation.  The vagina or yoni for Hindus, is considered to be part of the miracle of creation, the beginning of the world, the source of pleasure. For me, this installation represents an image of power and purification.

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