Universal Structure to Perform the Ceremony

Universal Structure to Perform the Ceremony |2011|
white fabric with 12 head-holes, web cam, monitor, computer

This installation is a unique surface; a tract which eliminates unnecessary gestures and distracting colors. It can be matched to many traditional rituals by changes in the number of guests and the extension of the surface. This site-specific structure which sharpens your senses and focuses concentration by the reduction of the whole body to  head level and facial expressions.  It is intended to be a “product“ able to support many different ceremonies (in an experimental way).
The structure has been experienced in the gallery EMDES (on July 7, 2011 ) at the opening of my solo exhibition (Everything in it’s Place). The guests were divided into two groups. One stayed in a room with an LCD monitor (on which they could follow the live transmission from the second room). “Universal Structure to Perform the Ceremony”s was installed in the second room ( white fabric with 12 head-holes, stretched horizontally in a given space) ready to be placed, used. The situation has been divided into two perspectives. Participants located inside, experiencing and viewers, watching.

dyplom_walaszek_2011_039 dyplom_walaszek_2011_086 dyplom_walaszek_2011_014 dyplom_walaszek_2011_035 dyplom_walaszek_2011_078 Universal Structure to Perform the Ceremony

dyplom_walaszek_2011_008 dyplom_walaszek_2011_045

fot. Peter Kreibich