It has been over 10,673 days since I’m here. From late 80s till now it has been a time travel. I was born a year after The Chernobyl disaster, and two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is a (hi)story that became a part of my life, a part of the (hi)story that I can relate to. 

I was born in the reality of the decaying communism as the first child of a restless painter and a promising sculptor. Throughout my childhood I have taken part in their day to day influential practice shaped by socioeconomic and political context. 

I was born in Wroclaw, old name: Breslau, new name: Cultural Capital of 2016. Former German heimat that became the Polish patria almost overnight. 

In mid 90s I found my new sense of belonging with yellow cassette of Michael Jackson, the “Dangerous” and the key question: “which Spice Girl are you?” I use to spend summers at the Baltic sea. Winters at home. I used to prefer Happy Meal over a nice dinner. “No Coca Cola, no chips” - my mum used to said. She would bring me to acupuncturists and feed me with soups I didn't like back then. But she would also bring me to her atelier and equipped me with clay cutters and steel scrapers. Both of my parents would take me with them for their escapades. First by the car that smelled like a gasoline - fam and glam - Polish Fiat 125 p. Then by Volkswagen Transporter T3 , our mobile gallery, (play)house and a statue (reclaimed, painted in 3 colored stripes just like one of the flags). 

Several adventures, degrees, work experiences and languages later - here I am. 

All yours. You welcome.

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