CRISIS. Everyone has one he deserves

curatorial project / Young Artists Multimedia Exhibition

Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland |2012|

CRISIS is a disruptive concept, a key to the disastrous modernity that consists of both: the external world as well as internal reality. It contains many concepts that don’t necessarily have to be terrifying, occupied by radical solutions as amended explosions and breakthroughs. Crisis originally means a turning point, a crucial or decisive situation and it can lead in calling for fundamental changes in patterns of life.

“Everyone has the crisis he deserves” is an open project, with a wide range of tools ready to be used to conduct the deconstruction of misused concepts. This is a contribution to rebuilding the reality of crisis and broadening its definition on an international level. It is the proposal to intervene in “a state of disorganization in which people experience frustration”1. Revolutionary rush-free intervention, based on an agreement in the chaos of united world.

18 artists, coming from 6 different countries and 3 continents were invited to participate in our project. Their works relate to the broad idea of crisis- a concept that brings about extreme emotions in our well tamed minds. A crisis seen through the eyes of a generation, known as “Y” or the “Next” one. The generation defined by various cultures and standards. The generation, that uses a universal language of art to talk about things that are important, floating in between what is private and what is public. This project is a journey into the depths of our unconsciousness, the search for the harmony and a question about the symmetry in the universe. Seemingly neutral sounds and pictures create anxiety and bring up some deeply hidden doubts. Consciousness brings the fear between the perception and the recognition bounded by memories and social establishments.


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