happening, a serie of postcards |2017|

House Suport the House is was a project held by WYKWIT andits outonomus program called LAYERS.

An image of the old villa which is a location of LAYERS (residential house and an art project), wasprojected in different locations in Los Angeles, USA (houses, nature etc). New and old worlds merged into one form that has also been printed as a series of postcards to be send around the world.

WYKWIT is a place of both: artistic and exhibition activities. It was created as a private initiative of friends in a post-German villa at Zacisze estate in Wroclaw, which they inhabit. The appearance of WYKWIT differs from the common decoration of most galleries – the rooms are adorned by the interventions of tenants inhabiting the space in recent decades, the walls are covered by a „Meisterstuck” pattern. A pattern that was named after the first activity undertook in that space (www.wykwit.pl/warstwy/warstwa-meisterstuck).

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