happening, interviews, audio recordings|2017|

AIR stay at the Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka, Poland

“The Little Sea” is an endless project, based on interviews and a series of talks with habitants of small Baltic resort - Ustka. I was consequently audio recording all my encounters. That was the only way to get to know that place and its voices.

The Little Sea is a short, open ended story about people. All those who are living there or just passing by. All those who wanted to share their memories with a stranger. Together we were able to create an Ustka playlist. A recording of sounds and tales told by local storytellers. Over all we talked about everything. From weather, politics, family and pets to intimate love stories, sails during the indygo storms, Moomintroll-ism, bottles with secret letters, dead people, mermaid with strange face, romantic accordionist, concrete dragon, beach covered in bananas and all those sparks and seaside batches ... Finally everything could be a good beginning of a new, completely separate story. 


During a series of workshops - kids from local school made drawings to illustrate prerecorded stories of Ustka citizens. 

listening to the podcast {local stories mix tape}

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