Art Festival in Opava, Czech Republic

Bludny Kamen Gallery |2016|

The exhibition reflects the multiple meanings of the term border. Border can have the meaning of physical and territorial limitation or it can have a mental meaning of the personal perception of relation among the people, between a man and a woman, between generations or historical eras. Other forms of border can be that of territorial division between urban and agricultural countryside, border between different artistic media, border as a line connecting science and art or border in the sense of the social sustainability or the division line between disease and health, life and death, border as a limit which can be reached etc. Border can connect, limit or divide. Border can be a choice, a limit, a beginning or the last possibility.

Matej Frank a Martin Klimes

My response to the festival topic was a self explanatory billboardwith a text: Sorry, This Image is Not Available in Your Country.

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