receipts, used books|2009-2018|

I have been collecting receipts from my travels and every stay in different country than my motherland since 2009. Each collection has been pasted in an old book i got in  a country I was living at the moment. From Strasbourg, France (2009-2010), through Baltimore, USA (2010-2011) and Berlin, Germany (2012-2013) to Los Angeles, USA (2013-2014), Mexico (2017) + hopping in few Latin American countries. I have been collecting my travel data: cash receipts, means of living - the best proof of an existence in capitalist world. My livelihood draws from this documentation has been filled in five books. These were used ones, that I recycled in the unusual way.

Diaries document how did I spend money and therefore they became stories of my trips. Everything that has been displayed in books is an undisputed proof that everything you do can be defined in numbers.

2009-2010 / Strasbourg / FR

2010-2011 / Baltimore / USA

2012-2013 / Berlin / GER

2013-2014 & 2016-2017 / Los Angeles / USA

2015 / Matsudo / Tokyo / JAP

2017 / Mexico and Latin America

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