07/23/2016 WIESBADEN, Germany

As an effect of a workshops I have conducted as a part of the Translocation project, I designed a booklet called „Language Barrier Exist” and created a video installation. It is geo-biographical passage through lives of two different persons: Sara Nabil (who was my student, an Afghan artist and activist, who resides in Wiesbaden Germany as a refugee since 2014) and mine.

The works is a combination of short memory based stories, news from Afghanistan and Poland as historical foothold and drawings. It is a layered story based on two different lives of two people who were born and lived in various geographical locations. Everything with a soundtrack of looped refrain from "Non, je ne regrette rien" (No, I Regret Nothing) by Edith Piaf.

It was made to prevent our memory from disappearing and to include our national membership
as a Frequent Excitement Pass.

It is a journey rooted in words and images, lucid dreams.

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